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Stick & Puck & Drop In Hockey reservations are available for our hockey community. $8.00 an hour

Stick & Puck is open to any age unless specified on the online calendar. Stick & Puck is a time where players, in at least helmet, gloves and stick (many players choose to wear full gear) practice their hockey skating, edges, stick handling and shooting.


All players on Stick & Puck must have a general sense of the flow of hockey and be able to avoid colliding with other players and understand not to skate behind the net while others are shooting.


Players new to skating may want to practice their skating on Open Skate sessions, Learn to skate and Developmental hockey before venturing onto a Stick & Puck session. We allow up to 20 players, including any coaches, on each hour of Stick & Puck. Goalies pay for Stick & Puck. 

Drop In is open to the age specified on the online calendar for that exact session. Drop In hockey is a scrimmage style game with no referees. Players are expected to self-monitor their shifts, be cooperative and practice good sportsmanship. 28 players plus 4 goalies are the max reservations available for Drop In.


Goalies are free for Drop In Hockey. $8.00 a session

For a reservation on a Stick & Puck and Drop In Hockey session please email Crystal:


Youth Drop-In Hockey is available when the schedules allows. These programs are also listed on the Ice Sheet Sponsored Hockey calendar for your convenience.


Donate your used Hockey Gear to a great cause! We now accept used hockey gear as part of our Gear Co-Op to help get new players of all ages involved in Ice Hockey. All you have to do is bring your used gear to The Ice Sheet, and we'll do the rest!

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