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Weber County Jr Mustangs is proud to partner with the Ogden Mustangs Jr Hockey A Team!

2022 Sponsors

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Sponsorship Information


As the Jr Mustangs is a Weber County owned and operated program we have been able to identify many needs inside the facility that can help provide a better developmental experience for our Youth Hockey players. As of June 1st 2021, the Jr Mustang Restricted Fund through our County Department is where donation and scholarship funds for Weber County Jr Mustangs are deposited. It is up to each donor to provide their accounting professional the details of their donation receipts. WCSC nor the Jr Mustangs will provide that information other than a receipt for funds received via our payment systems. We are in the process of applying for Governmental Non-Profit status, but the approval date is to be determined.  


NHL Rink Dasher Boards are visible to over 300,000 facility visitors annually. Prices and options are: $1,000 for 3x8, $1,800 for 3x16. A portion of that sale price is then donated to the Jr Mustang Restricted Fund to use toward supplies, the Event Management Scholarship Program and rink improvements that provide developmental spaces for Jr Mustang players. Dasher board sales are available through the Ogden Mustangs Head Coach & General Manager Kenny Orlando; 1-215-407-9418


Every division needs 200-400 pucks per season for practices and a bucket of 25 new pucks to use as their designated warm up pucks every game. Sponsors may donate a case of 100 or more pucks, either plain or with an approved logo design to any Jr Mustang division. Howie’s Hockey Tape is a reputable vendor for plain and custom logo pucks. All logo designs must be approved prior to ordering by WCSC & Jr Mustangs Director Mariko Rollins:
Other Hockey supplies like cones, pylons, shooting assists and hockey specific training materials are always appreciated. A logo on the website will be displayed for each donation valued at $100.


Our NHL rink houses the majority of Jr Mustang practices and games with some being on the Olympic Rink as the schedule permits. An Off-ice shooting area has been identified as an asset in rinks where players can go to a designated area to practice shooting in a controlled environment.  This shooting area helps eliminate damage to other parts of the facility due to players shooting at the walls and doors. Jr Mustangs is collecting cash, check, Credit card and materials donations to complete two shooting stations on the South-East area on the NHL Rink. Branding of the Shooting Area is available for a monetary or materials donation. Amounts are to be determined.  Other areas to be considered for rink improvement donations are inspirational wall wraps, locker room improvements etc.


Jr Mustang jerseys and socks are good for at least a two-year purchase so that families will not be required to purchase a complete set of home and away jerseys and socks every season. Jersey logo sponsors will be solicited every two years. Our current jersey logo sponsors are valid until April 1st 2022, however, we are always accepting cash, check or credit card donations to offset the hard cost of the jerseys, shipping and handling for our next order of jerseys. Monetary donations made mid-logo cycle will receive an on-line logo. We will solicit renewing and adding additional jersey sponsor logos for the order date delivered September 1st 2022 for the 2022-2023 season. Jersey sponsorships begin at $1,000 per logo. Jersey logo sponsorships also come with an online logo on our Sponsorship tab.

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